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Why Ocean+?

At Ocean+, we are committed to helping you be and look healthy from the inside out.

We know how important your skin is to you and that you want to be sure you are using the very best products for a beautiful, healthy-looking complexion – products that live up to their claims.

That is why we have spent years researching and developing highly effective, naturally sourced topical skincare products and dietary supplements that deliver all the nourishing benefits of Native Soluble Collagen Type I and Omega-3 from fish oils to your skin. After just one use, you will see a healthier, more radiant you.

Why trust your skin to Ocean+?

Ocean+ products are 100% free of Parabens, Glycol, PEGs and other questionable chemicals found in most skincare brands today.

What’s more, all Ocean+ products that are formulated with our Omega-3s – whether a topical cream or dietary supplements – are protected from harmful peroxidation by our patent-pending antioxidant complex NOXvp.

This is a true breakthrough in the industry: did you know that within just four weeks, despite best-by dates on the packaging, that fish oils begin to oxidize and produce harmful levels of peroxide?

At Ocean+, we believe that you deserve the best; that is why we are proud to offer you products that are protected from peroxidation for 24 months, reassuring your trust in our best-by dates.

Our products are not merely cosmetic – they are scientifically proven to work skin deep – at the cellular level.

Superior Collagen
Our Collagen is 99.7% pure Native Soluble Collagen Type I – the same that makes up 90% of the collagen in your body. Ocean+ collagen has such small microfibers that they can actually penetrate pores, nourishing your skin with the same type of collagen that time takes away.

Result: a healthier-looking, more radiant you.

Powerful Omega-3s protected from Peroxidation
An industry first: Ocean+ has pioneered an exclusive technology that not only protects our Omega-3s from peroxidation, but allows us to incorporate them into our topical products, harnessing the anti-inflammatory and skin cell regenerative properties of these essential fatty acids – without the unpleasant smell.

Our products contain pure, natural ingredients – primarily from marine sources.

Ocean+ products contain an exceptionally high concentration of Native Soluble Marine Collagen Type 1 microfibers and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

  • In fact, there are currently no other product lines (brands) on the market formulated with a level of Native Soluble Collagen Type 1 as high as our Ocean+ products, one of which is our Ocean+ Pure Collagen Gel. It is 99.7% Pure Native Soluble Marine Collagen Type 1.
  • Ocean+ is formulated with a higher purity of Omega-3 essential fatty acids.
  • Ocean+ Omega-3 is free from contaminants.

 After just one application, you will see firmer and general healthy-looking skin, and fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Ocean+ can provide human cells with natural, essential elements needed for proper functioning, including:

  1. Lipids for the cell membrane
  2. Amino acids that make up collagen and elastin proteins
  3. Complex carbohydrates to provide cells with energy
  4. Water to ensure ongoing cell hydration
  5. Active ingredients that help to fight off the effects of environmental aggressions
 All of these elements, in conjunction with a healthy diet, nourish and/or protect skin.

We developed our products along with carefully designed regimens you can follow at home to help maintain hydration barrier of the skin.

These regimens use different combinations of Ocean+ products that work in synergy with one another to help you be and look healthy from the inside out, whatever your skincare needs.

Our products give you more for your money:

  • Native Soluble Marine Collagen Type 1 is the first ingredient – and highly concentrated – in all of our collagen products.
  • Ocean+ Omega-3 products contain EPA, DHA and DPA, providing complete benefits of Omega-3 essential fatty acids – all in one product.
  • Our Omega-3 products are protected from peroxidation by our patent-pending antioxidant NOXvp, so they have a reliable best-by date.


Beauty from the inside out

Learn how beautiful, healthy-looking skin can be achieved with Ocean+ products, what factors contribute to skin conditions, which antioxidants are the more powerful, and more.